The limits of our language means the limits of our world

– Wittgenstein,1992

Language is the method for the facilitation of human communication

While language is the method for the facilitation of human communication, it is ironic that language itself often becomes a barrier for communicating with people from different parts of the world. Language barrier affects the culture we are in; it affects the way we think, speak, learn, and innovate.

INTERIM is a social network platform based on a mobile application endowed with a smart and instant translation program. With INTERIM, you can communicate easily in language A with someone who only speaks the language B with a perfect understanding of each other.

Make friends or know what you didn’t know before

Suppose that you are going to Australia and need to discuss Big data and business opportunities or suppose that you just want to make friends with the same interests as you in another country but you don’t speak the language of that country. It can be frustrating. No worries. INTERIM removes language barriers. You can choose to meet people either by interests or by countries. Our algorithm matches you with the right people.

Look at this conversation between Charles who only speaks French and Andy who only speaks English.